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Global logistics expertise

Meeting Your Requirements with Our Skills

Whether it’s sea, air, or multimodal transportation, we have 60 years of experience and expertise to offer you a reliable and innovative service. Our mastery of the logistics chain ensures fast and secure delivery worldwide.

Maritime Transport

We work with multiple shipping companies to provide secure transportation.

Air Fret

Certified by IATA and TSA IAC, AMC covers over 235 airports globally.


We offer optimized temperature-controlled storage and specialized equipment.


Our qualified team is available to assist you with transit declarations.


AMC operates internationally to handle the shipping and receiving of your goods.

Green line

We provide efficient and environmentally friendly combined transport solutions.

AMC : Vins & Spiritueux
AMC : Produits viti-vinicoles
AMC : Foodstuff

Wines & Spirits

As logistics experts in wine and spirits transportation, we offer specific technical skills such as temperature-controlled equipment, specialized containers, and document control. LEARN MORE

Wine-making products

Transport your cooperage products, including bottles, barrels, and corks, with confidence. Our dedicated service ensures optimal conditions and reliable transport solutions.


For the integrity of your perishable products, we offer innovative and customized solutions for temperature-controlled transport. Maintain food safety through our controlled supply chain.

Local service
with qualified contacts

5 Reasons to Trust Us


Quality of service

We provide expertise, high standards, and attentive service, recognizing the uniqueness of each customer and the value of every shipment.



We respect deadlines by offering efficient services and innovative solutions.



Our dedicated teams listen to your needs and find tailored solutions for you.



We can adapt our logistical resources to meet your constraints and handle different types of cargo.



We emphasize anticipation and support as our guiding principles.