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Our history


With over 60 years of experience and knowledge, we are more than just a freight forwarder. We are a trusted and innovative partner that can help you streamline your supply chain quickly and efficiently.

AMC : notre histoire


AMC’s history dates back to 1963 in Cognac, France, where we initially focused on exporting cognac from local distilleries. We introduced containerization for cognac, which revolutionized the industry. Today, we are a global leader in transportation and shipping, serving various industries including wine and spirits, glass, construction, design, food products, and cosmetics.

Our approach is characterized by our commitment to providing personalized service tailored to the unique needs of our clients. We take pride in ensuring that your goods arrive on time and in perfect condition by anticipating logistical challenges and offering innovative solutions.

AMC : notre histoire
AMC : notre histoire


At AMC, we treat each customer and shipment with meticulous care. We offer a personalized service that caters to the specific requirements of each product, ensuring damage-free delivery. Here’s how we achieve it:

  • Transparency: Benefit from our six decades of operational expertise and full transparency throughout the shipping process.
  • Timely documentation: Our trained staff provides customers with necessary documents and information in a prompt manner.
  • Strong partnerships: We have strategic partnerships that help us reduce delivery times and enhance efficiency.
  • State-of-the-art technology: We invest in cutting-edge technology to streamline operations and provide real-time tracking and monitoring.
  • Controlled environment: Our humidity and temperature control system ensures optimal conditions for preserving goods.
AMC : Notre histoire

With our extensive global network of subsidiaries, agents, storage options, and expertise in groupage, we can meet all your international transportation needs.

At AMC, we believe that every shipment is valuable and deserves special attention. We work closely with our customers, providing exceptional service that allows them to focus on their core business with confidence. Trust us to handle all your shipments, from pickup to delivery, through our network of trusted partners.

AMC : Notre histoire